Saturday, March 29, 2014

I Had Fun at the Tutorial Session

I wasn't expecting the tutorial session to be very fun but I actually enjoyed getting the information that I needed. Now I have a better insight into what the trip to Columbia will be like and I have that to look forward to. I also learned how to write and post pictures on a blog, which I have been meaning to learn for a while. 

I got to see the inside of DeAnza High School as well and it's very expansive. People were able to get a lot of cool pics while we were there. 

Although it was long and I had to arm myself with coffee, it proved to be informative about the behavior of students and what will be required of us. I look forward to taking pictures of New York because I will always have a documented record of what I experienced. I can share it with other people too which is great.


  1. Glad you could join us, Monica.

    Yes, I know that four hours can seem like an eternity and that's why I broke it up with two 20+ minute hands-on sessions where you were posting blogs and two 20 minute breaks. After reading that it doesn't seem like the 4 hours was really all that long. Now we're down to only about two and a half hours and you can do that standing on your head--right?

  2. Looking forward to meeting you soon, Monica!