Saturday, March 15, 2014

I'm Ready!

It’s been a long time coming, but finally I am here. From the nights of drafting up my pre-essay to getting the news that I earned the scholarship for the Introduction to Business and Economics course at Columbia, I have made it. The completion of my essays, interviews, and applications didn't mean the end of anything. Rather, it marked the beginning of a journey I will soon embark on. 

Today eight fellow ILCers and I gathered at the gorgeous, newly built De Anza High School for a tutorial on the ILC program. Here, Don discussed blogging, what he expected of us on the trip, what we were to expect of the trip, and what to pack. I learned a lot about blogging today; I had never blogged before so it was imperative that I followed everything Don was explaining closely. I had to remember the best ways to crop photos, align the text on the blog the right way, and to save originals of photos I would be editing. Luckily, this was all explained very thoroughly. But if for some reason Don’s explanations weren't enough, we had a convenient 41 page packet that we could refer to for help.
Hard at work creating my practice blog post!
After the very in-depth lesson from Don on blogging, we moved on to discussing everything else regarding our ILC experience: what to pack, what attire would be appropriate for certain events, what we were going to be held responsible for, and other things that we should anticipate for the trip. As I was listening to Don explain the importance of keeping pens in Ziploc bags on plane rides, it hit me that this whole thing would soon be a reality. 

The fact that I would be going to the East Coast to tour Ivy League colleges and attend one for two and a half weeks didn’t fully hit me until today. This thought made me very appreciative of the amazing opportunity I have been given. It also excited me for the chance to explore some great colleges, discover New York City, and meet people from all across the globe. If I feel this ecstatic now, I can only imagine how I will be feeling in a couple of weeks.      


  1. You know this already, Emily so this comment is more for your adoring fans in Whatchamcallitstan:

    This scholarship and opportunity wasn’t just given to you. You had to earn it in every way. The ILC wants to come across as being altruistic but that’s not always the case. We want each and every one of you to earn your way. We may open a few doors and make some introductions, but what you do with it all after that is entirely up to you.

  2. It is such an exciting adventure we will be taking together!! Can't wait to meet!