Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Tutorial, Starbucks, and Graciousness

Unlike the other ILCers, I wasn't able to make it to the scheduled tutorials, so Don and I had a tutorial at Starbucks. I remember some of the content from last year, but there was new information and it was a great refresher. We went over blogs, photography, and responsibilities. If I didn't have the tutorial, I probably would have messed up the alignment or placement of pictures, so I'm glad I was corrected before posting any blogs. And I learned new information on how to make pictures look better! 
Looking up from my practice blog!
During the tutorial, Don told me about an ILC alum who got to visit UPenn before making his decision about college. The alum didn't do everything that he was asked of during his time in the ILC, so he was surprised to be given such an opportunity. It was then that he realized how gracious the ILC is and he ended up attending UPenn.

For me and other ILCers, there's no doubt that the ILC is an amazing opportunity. Not only are we able to study at some of the world's best institutions, visit another handful of colleges, and meet people from all over the world, but we learn so many life lessons along the way. The story about the student just added onto my admiration of the ILC and its founders. It's true when people say that the ILC is life changing. That student would have ended up making an uninformed decision about the next four years of his life if he didn't get to visit UPenn. These are only a few examples of how much the ILC has benefited the community. Even today was extremely gracious of Don to spend another 3 hours holding a tutorial for me. 

I wish I would have been able to make it to the other tutorials, but I'm still excited as ever to study at Columbia with my cohort. I'm eager to meet the rest of the cohort and to redesign our blog together! I'm sure that the next few months will eventful and exhilarating. 


  1. While you may have missed the opportunity to meet with your Columbia cohort members but it gave me yet another chance to meet with on a personal level. Plus, I got to see a Starbucks I had never been in before. What a day.

  2. Maybe I should have met up with you two! I'll have to get the hang of blogging on my own!