Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Great Start to the Day and a Journey

This morning I attended brunch at Ms. Thrift's home who will be the Columbia chaperone this summer. The first thing I thought when walking up to her home was how nice it was, but it could not compare to how nice Ms. Thrift, who teaches theater at Hercules Middle/High School, and her husband Charles, a tall photographer, were to me. For a while, all of the Columbia cohort sat in the living room making small talk, ranging from driver's licenses to how to do laundry until it was time for what we were all waiting for: FOOD.
Over the course of the yummy meal, Ms. Thrift and her husband told us about their lives and it was really nice to listen to them. They have three children who are all out of the house and a beautiful dog named Brandy. When they talked about their children, they spoke with so much pride it made me think of my parents (especially since it is Mother's Day in Guatemala). It was very sweet and it reminds me that no matter what, I will make my family proud in my life. 

Soon, everyone had finished eating, but the conversation continued. It was amazing how the time passed and no one took notice. Everyone at the table spoke about why they wanted to attend Columbia and what taking a class there means to them. We all spoke so passionately that it reminded me how much we have ahead of us this summer. For example, Kendall from Middle College mentioned how she wants to do so many things in life ranging from sociology to law and how going to Columbia is her first step to figuring it all out. The same went for all of us; we are all ready to take that step into adulthood and find out where we can go in life. The prospect is exciting and it was fun to share those feelings with my cohort. At one point, we stopped feeling like strangers and more like a group of friends.
Michelle (who is taking Presidential Powers) and I 
My favorite part of brunch was talking about all the things there are to do in New York. I look forward to meeting new people, going to Times Square, seeing a Broadway show (maybe see James Franco's debut in Of Mice and Men), riding the subway, eating authentic New York pizza, and to experience the Concrete Jungle overall. I am no longer nervous, but incredibly excited for the day that plane to Boston takes off and our journeys as ILC ambassadors begins.
The Columbia cohort!


  1. Sounds like the event succeeded in doing what it was designed to do: to get you all to know more about each other. And good food never hurts.

  2. Lisa, you forgot to mention the wonderful coffee cake you brought to share! It's so nice that you like to cook, too. It was such a joy to meet all of you. I'm getting so excited!