Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Intriguing School Board Meeting

The School Board meeting was enlightening as I was able to see the sponsors, parents, supporters, and the other cohorts with their chaperones. After meeting with my cohort we took a picture together holding the Columbia flag which was of course, my favorite color, blue!
Watching the individual speeches for each cohort was engaging as well. The chaperones talked about the experience of their program, which colleges they will be visiting, and which program each student will be attending. The part that I enjoyed the most was hearing the students opinions on their program. I especially liked Kendal's speech for our program and was riveted by her directness and confidence in public speaking. I hope I will be able to do as well with my speech on Tuesday.

Overall, I thought the School Board meeting was informative and a clever way to broadcast the perks of the Ivy League Connection by giving parents information on the individual programs and the public a positive idea of the outcomes of the program.

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  1. Like you, we were all proud of the job Kendal did representing the Columbians. Looks like we made a good choice on who to represent us in Manhattan.