Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Le bon diner (good dinner)

If your wondering why I'm speaking French here are the reasons: 1) I went to a French restaurant yesterday, 2) I took five years of French and I need to practice. So yesterday was a very long day but I would say it was very worth while. I had the big dinner I had to go to and I got to meet some sponsors and some cool alumni. to make it even more nerve racking I had to do a small speech and I was notified two days before. Now let me not tell you that my Dad backed out being a parent at the last minute, he was was supposed to be my parent accompanying me to my dinner. Instead I got my mother at the last minute which was very fortunate.

Mom came to the bart and met me their, and Don was telling us how to use clipper cards and making us feel like we needed a lot of direction to be able to get on BART to San Francisco Civic Center Plaza. Once we arrived he gave us money for a Taxi and really implored us to get a receipt. We were heading to La Folie and it was crazy because I don't usually take taxis and it was so expensive. I kid you not it was fifty cents a block, that's like fifty cents every time I walk to each of my class rooms at school! I mean kids should be getting payed to walk for such outrageous prices. But anyways back to business, when we got out of the taxi I gave the woman a tip and realized it wasn't worth it because it starts at $3.50 and she was driving like she was angry. She kept saying "I'm not worried I have more insurance then everyone". 

Once I got to my table I was excited and started immediately talking to the people around me. I talked to Scott Henry (sponsor) and Miguel Castro (graduate). Both of them really incredible people and I loved being able to say what I felt without having to censor or hold off on anything. Scott told me not to worry and said that it was good I was thinking about what I like instead of still exploring. He's been in the program for a long time and I thank him for his service and support. Now Miguel was extraordinary, I don't know how Charles Ramsey knew I had the same goals as Miguel but he did. It was a perfect set up. We shared the same aspirations and what was special about him was that he came from a similar background as myself. He made and with all his work he also won the Gates Millennium scholarship, a full scholarship for all the years of post high school studies.

I ended the night going back to BART buy first taking taxi. I was careful this time on how much I tipped the cab driver. Overall good day, speech went well, and the Heat won great.
Me and my mom

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