Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The School Board Meeting and Cohort Greetings

Tonight was the School Board meeting where all cohorts of the ILC were required to attend. I arrived at a very timely 5:58 PM, two minutes before I needed to get there. Briefly after I got to the site of the School Board meeting, I spotted my cohort, and joined them to take an insane amount of pictures. Speaking on behalf of my cohort, I think we all felt a little famous with the paparazzi of parents swarming around us to get that refrigerator-worthy picture. 
One of the refrigerator worthy shots we got of the night.
After the pictures, the School Board meeting started and we sat down with our cohorts. During this time, the head of the ILC program spoke for a little and then introduced each chaperone, who introduced the students in their cohort. A lucky student from each group was selected to speak on behalf of their cohort about what the ILC meant to them, and all of the students who were selected were phenomenal. I'd especially like to give shout out to Kendal (who is in my cohort) for such an amazing speech. Her poise and eloquence represented our cohort very well and I am glad she spoke on behalf of the group! 

As my group and I were standing in front of the Board, I truly felt honored. To be recognized by the School Board and have such a big part of the meeting dedicated to acknowledging the efforts of the students and parents was so humbling. I was very proud of myself and my new-found friends for making it this far, and thankful towards everyone who made this whole ILC program possible for my fellow schoolmates and I.

To conclude the ILC portion of the School Board meeting, we all took a massive group photo, inclusive of the parents, chaperones, and ILCers. After a few minutes of gathering everyone into their places and adjusting (and adjusting and adjusting) everyone so that we would all fit, we finally took the picture. Or 30 to be more accurate. 

Just as I was about to head out of the meeting, I bumped into my old history teacher, who congratulated me on my acceptance into Columbia and the ILC program with a big hug. It was nice seeing her again; seeing a familiar face in a sea of many strangers was comforting. Listening to her talk about seeing how far we (being me and Justin who is also in the Columbia group) had come was so nice to hear. If you told me five years ago that I would be spending a summer away in New York for a month in the heart of Manhattan at the prestigious Columbia University, I would've asked what you were on. But this really just goes to show how hard work and dedication can truly get you places! 
Look at all those glorious ILCers and their supporters!

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  1. Lest be there be any confusion, Emily, none of you just fell into where you’re at. You all earned your scholarship.

    And let’s set the record straight on something else--NO ONE would take 30 shots like you suggested. It was only 27.

    And as for the arranging and arranging and arranging...some of the parents STILL rearranged themselves so their faces were being hidden.