Saturday, May 10, 2014

Brunch with the Bunch

Today was the day that I met all of my fellow Columbia attendees and our chaperone. We convened at the house of our chaperone, Ms. Thrift, for brunch. It was a lovely gathering; we began with small talk, but soon after we began to talk about our programs, what we wanted to do in the future, what our hobbies included, and what we were looking forward to in New York. I really have to tip my hat to Ms. Thrift for organizing such a nice brunch; on top of the amazing food, there was never a dull moment in conversation. Between her and her husband, we all learned lots about them and even ourselves.
We all devoured the frittata, fruit, ham, coffee cake, and bread that were at the table.

One thing that made today exceptional was how well we could all converse. This sounds like such a general thing to say; I mean how hard is it to hold a conversation? The thing about our group was that we could talk about anything. I mean everything. The conversation ranged from driver’s licenses to Dave Franco to how we feel about the Electoral College in this day in age. And I think that finding people who you can talk about anything with is rare. We are all so lucky to be in the same cohort! 
What a lovely looking group we got there! 
Talking with everyone about the trip and hearing concrete details about the trip excited me very much. We talked about what we want to do while we are in New York during our free time too. Word of going to a Broadway show, visiting Times Square, and going to Coney Island popped up. I've only been to New York once, and I was there briefly--less than a day to be exact. Getting the chance to study and explore around New York is quite the opportunity to have! As Alicia Keys sang in her song "Empire State of Mind", "These streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you, let's hear it for New York...." 


  1. While Justin may feel out of place--being the sole male in the cohort--amongst five young ladies, I’m betting he’ll be enjoying himself being surrounded by you all.

  2. This was such a terrific day! I'm so happy you felt comfortable talking about anything and everything. That's what that table and those chairs are good for--long talks.