Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My Dinner Experience at La Folie

I had a great time last night when I got to venture out into San Francisco and eat at La Folie. Although the means of transportation were a bit extensive, it was well worth the wait. All the food was intricately configured and was also tasty and fulfilling even though the individual plates were small. The atmosphere and decor of the restaurant was astounding and it was such a pleasure to engage in such fine dining. (Which was all courtesy of the Ivy League Connection by the way :) )
Yummy Egg with French Fry
Tasty Truffles!
Even the decor of the bathroom was amazing and I couldn't resist taking a pic!
Most importantly, I had insightful conversations with Columbia alumni such as Malcolm Carson and Khadine Singh who told me about their experiences at Columbia. From listening to them I got a better idea of what the school has to offer and the type of school that it is. I also got to speak with Peter Chau and Hale Kronenberg about their transition into college and what it was like for them to attend an Ivy League school. The speeches that the Columbia alumni gave who were former ILCers made me even more excited for this opportunity that I'm about to embark on. 
Miguel speaking

The night really was one to remember besides the fact that I was under the weather. :( I'm so happy that this is just a preview of all the future fun I get to have and the hard work I will be doing in New York.

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  1. Well, that has to be a first: photos from the ladies room.