Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Representing Something Big

Once again I got a reminder of how amazing and terrific it is to be part of this wonderful program. When Charles Ramsey invited past Ivy League Connection alumni to speak, I was just really impressed when I heard that they loved the program and that they ended up going to one of the Ivy League Universities. Tamilyn Chen really surprised me when she said she got into Harvard. It was crazy how far she had gotten with that one summer. She said at first that she didn't even know that there were out-of-state universities. Well seems legit because California is the only state with so many universities.

We were there to be recognized but I felt that the West Contra Costa Unified School District should be acknowledged too. There was one guy who participated in the Gateway to College and said that at first he hated school but was given a second opportunity and was expressing his gratitude. I feel that a lot of times teachers and parents criticize the faults of the WCCUSD but never acknowledge the positive experiences that it produces. For example I believe that Ivy League Connection is the only program in California that sends students to the east coast to study in the summer for free; this is also part of the WCCUSD. I just have to tip my hat to the sponsors and to everyone who takes part in supporting and donating time to the program

In other news, as my group got to the podium I was anxious to hear my name be announced. I've never had this sort of fame and I finally felt that my hard work was paying off. When my name did get called I was super excited, I felt that I was finally someone important. Now it's just time to continue on in my journey and to stay humble and remember where I came from.
Check out my tie


  1. The picture doesn't do your tie justice! But you can tell that your shirt is white!

  2. Now you’re forcing me to go back to my photos and blow them up just to check out your tie. You’re always making me work extra hard. :-)