Friday, June 27, 2014

A Chill Day

I think that I’ve stated my daily routine enough times in my previous blogs that from now I’m going to omit it. Unfortunately, I can only say the same thing in so many ways. On another note, our class discussed the limitations of free speech. For the longest time I’ve heard people use the excuse that because they’re entitled to free speech, that offensive or obscene language is acceptable. Today proved all those notions wrong. Hate speech as well as speech used to incite conflicts are not protected under the First Amendment. People understood this but one important topic that I think they missed was that they can actually learn more by listening to other people and responding to them instead of only expressing their thoughts and waiting for a response.

 The rest of my day was relaxing, I went to chipotle and had the best burrito ever. I also ran a couple miles at the gym with my friend. I don't feel homesick at all, what I actually feel is that I need to learn how to adjust. I am doing well in this environment but I want to get to know people and make a name for myself around here. Some people may look down on that but I think that reputation is something important to uphold. The more people that I get to know inside and outside of class has given me more insight into what other high schools have to offer and what mentality I want to come back to my high school with and advocate. 

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  1. I love to read about how lectures and discussions in your classes are affecting the way you think about larger issues. All of constitutional rights do have limits and many people don't recognize this. For instance, we have freedom of religion, but you aren't allowed to have human sacrifices!