Tuesday, June 24, 2014

So Much Fun!

Our amazing coffee.
(I'm starting to get addicted to caffeine.)
My classes at Columbia have officially taken off. Prof. Mesznik is beginning the class with lectures on different markets and the factors that might contribute to the rise or fall of certain markets. He also focused a bit on the subject of "bubbles" which are market crazes that become widely popular but end up crashing which leaves people with huge losses. After our lecture, Emily and I went to the dining hall for lunch. After we were done eating, I went to one of the tables outside and made a few cards for sick children at a local hospital. After my midday time elapsed, I went into my group session. We all did presentations on our future careers and I'm happy to know that I'm not the only person who doesn't know what they want to do as a career. During our short break, Philip and I got a coffee at Joe Coffee. Shortly after we returned, our group session ended and I returned back to my dorm to get started on my homework.
A small portion of Strand bookstore.

Around five o'clock, I took a break to go to Staten Island with some of the people from my dorm and a few of their friends. We found out that there isn't much to do in Staten Island so we decided to change our plans and goo a large book store called "Strand" I couldn't believe the wide array of books. There were four floors of literature on any topic you could think of. It's the largest bookstore I've ever been to so it was a bit overwhelming to navigate through so many books. I ended up getting a book on Japanese grammar, Japanese writing, and another on subliminal messages. 
Quiana, me, Lulu, Dan, and Philip at Le Pain Quotidien.
Our group split up and after a while, we went to get something to eat at Le Pain Quotidien. I ordered an amazing lentil salad from our pleasant waiter. It was around 8:45 when we went took the subway back home. Once we were back, I went to one of the RAs rooms to pay to see an off-broadway show called "Heathers" which is based on the 80s movie. I returned to my dorm and called my parents who told me how much they miss me. My journey has just begun, but I'm already having so much fun!


  1. You were already addicted to caffeine! LOL!! That's why you have trouble sleeping at night!! All that tea you drink! LOL!!

  2. Kendal, I loved the way you described what bubbles are. I would love to hear more about the concepts you are learning in your class.