Monday, June 16, 2014

The Jam Packed First Day

Today has felt like two weeks already; so much had happened in the past 15 hours! 

The day started out at 2:50am, when I arrived at school to meet everyone before shuttling out to the airport. I was freezing and exhausted, but nonetheless, excited to finally be heading out on my journey. We arrived at the airport at 4:30 am, two hours and twenty minutes before our flight. There's something about airports that I just love. Everyone who is there has a purpose and knows where they want to go. I grinned, because I was among these people; I was in that airport at 4:30am to experience an adventure that I will never forget.

We checked in and then got some much needed breakfast. The plane boarded promptly after breakfast. Most of the cohort sat relatively close to each other; I sat at a window seat next to Lisa who was next to Monica. The plane ride was about five and a half hours-- a grueling five and a half hours to be more specific. I got about one hundred pages of reading done but not nearly enough rest! On top of that I hadn't eaten for 7 hours (and didn't for another two hours after that) so my exhaustion was at an all time high. 
The typical airplane wing picture. Yes this was necessary.
After we landed around 3:30pm, we were driven to the very luxurious Boston Park Plaza hotel where a small crisis broke out. A mix up with the hotel bookings caused all the five girls to have to stay in a small room with two double beds and a single mattress. Fortunately, by dinner time, everything was cleared up and back to the original plans!
We looked up local restaurants that we would want to eat at and decided on Maggiano's Little Italy, a nice Italian restaurant right around the corner from the hotel. The dinner was delightful! Maybe it was our hunger, but the food was so delicious. I ordered a grilled chicken caprese salad that had a light balsamic drizzle that filled me up. I was very pleased after that meal. 
My delicious dinner.
After dinner, we decided to take a stroll around the Boston Commons, a lovely park located just a few blocks away from the hotel. The weather was perfect for a little walk; it was just a little breezy, but still warm enough that I didn't have to wear a sweater. We ventured into the streets nearby that had amazing designer shops too. Window shopping is the best kind of shopping (what I tell myself when I see that $500 Marc Jacobs bag). 
Boston Commons
We were all pretty exhausted after the stroll so we decided to call it a day. Kendal and I moved out of the cramped five person room into one that would comfortably fit the two of us. It's been a very long day, full of fun adventures. I can only imagine what tomorrow has in store for us.
The beautiful hotel in the dusk sky.

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