Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Printer Incident

The second day of class went much better! I got a better sense of what the class would be like and how the class would run. Lecture this morning focused on markets and the importance of the markets being voluntary (people willingly participating in the market). After class, I ran a few errands and then headed to lunch with Kendal. We met up with Monica and Lisa and all ate together. Even though we all take different courses, we still make time in the day to hang out and catch up!

One thing that has stood out to me about this program at Columbia is how many international students attend it. When my professor asked how many people were international students, over two thirds of the class raised their hands! I was very shocked. More than that, I felt very humbled by this experience. Being able to participate in a program that students travel across the globe to come to was such an awe-inspiring thought!

After all my classes were over, I headed back to my dorm in attempt to take a nap. I ended up calling my sister to update her on my life instead. Michelle stopped by soon after that and we headed to dinner. Unfortunately, there aren't too many options at the dining hall, so if the dinner that is being served that night is unappealing, you better like salad or being hungry for a while!

The biggest frustration of my day has been trying to find a printer. I finished my very first assignment for my economics lecture class and needed to print it out, so I headed to the library in hopes of printing the paper out. They only had wired printers that would only work with the computers that were already in the computer labs. I thought that emailing myself the file so I could retrieve it on the desktop computer in the lab would solve the problem, but the document would not even attach! I then went to my building (to sadly find that there was no printer) and back to Carmen hall (to once again, find there was no printer). After a good twenty minutes of exasperation, I decided to just write up my paper, which ate up another twenty minutes. I was utterly shocked that printing one paper would cause this much trouble. 

Today was definitely not my best day, not only because I had the whole printer incident, but because I didn't have much to look forward to today! Hopefully the rest of the week is looking up!

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  1. I wonder if your frustrations would have been minimized had you used a flash drive to transfer your documents from one computer to another. I had boxes of them to loan and these were on the list of things to pack. Oh well... another lesson learned (hopefully).