Monday, June 2, 2014

Pre ILC Warm Up

Today was a smoother day, didn't have to dress up in my fancy outfit. I went to Pinole Middle School to meet for my orientation today and finally got to see all the people that are in the ILC. It was nice to be able to chill out and be able to be in comfortable clothes and plan ahead on what my cohort schedule looks like. I have a five day week of just straight dinners and college tours. I was really starting to acknowledge all these wonderful relationships that the ILC was going to introduce me to. On top of the tours I get to meet with some of these admission officers for universities like Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. 

I got to say I'm truly thankful for this chance I earned and that it's true hard work pays off. I was looking at all the the things the ILC is paying for such as: food, dormitory, flight, train tickets, loaner items..etc. I'm very appreciative for this privilege I'm given. The one thing I have to say that resonated after hearing Tour Guide Don Gosney say today was, "Stay in a group and don't do anything irrational."

Overall today was a good day, after this i went to In N Out, a famous burger place, got to see all the cool things Don has for me to use, talked a little bit of what sort of things we can do in New York, and appointed roles to make people experts on the background of some of the Ivy League Colleges we were going to visit.
Santa came early

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  1. I was so impressed by how thoughtful Don was about buying things the ILCer's are going to need. It's impressive to have someone who is so caring.