Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New Friends, New Places

Cabs whizzing by Topshop
Class went as usual today and we continued our discussion on markets, but after our two-hour lecture, I felt exhausted; I felt tired and dizzy. After class, I went to grab lunch with Emily, Monica, and one of the girls Monica met and quickly proceeded to my dorm for a quick nap. By the time I finished napping, it was time to go to my second class of the day. We spent the time doing presentations on articles we read in the Wall Street Journal. The article I chose was on a very controversial topic--illegal immigration. This launched a lengthy discussion on how we should or should not be treating our foreign citizens. The class' argument lasted the majority of the period, but we did end up watching a documentary on YouTube which we'll have to finish tomorrow. 
After class, one of my friends, Casey, asked me if I wanted to go to SoHo with her and some of her friends. I was happy to be invited and agreed to go with her. Our group of ten gathered in front of her dorm building and we took the subway to Canal Street. We started off at a quirky store I'd never heard of named "LP". Although the clothes were nice, they were extremely expensive and I felt like I could find some similar items for less in Forever 21. I abandoned the $180 sundress I tried on in the dressing rooms and proceeded to one of my favorite stores, American Apparel. Almost all of us bought items from the store, but where we really wanted to go was Topshop. Although there's a Topshop in California, it's in The Grove and I never get to stop by when I go to SoCal. I ended up getting a pair of pink embellished shorts and an intricate and colorful floral necklace. 
Sammy, Rina, Paula, Anne, Casey, Me, Lily, Emily, Rachel, Lexi
Later on, we stuffed a cab with ten girls and went to a restaurant that Emily (not the one from El Cerrito) suggested called "Samba Sushi". Samba sushi is a combination of Brazilian and Japanese food. While I was at dinner, I learned that one of the girls, Anne, speaks Japanese! Maybe I'll be able to practice with her. At the end of the night, we split the bill and went back to campus on the crowded subway. Most of the girls went to get cookies at the Insomniac on Amsterdam St., but I decided to go back to my dorm and make sure I finish my blog. Today was so amazing. I'm bonding with so many people and being exposed to different points of view that I wouldn't be if I were staying in California for the summer.
My Rainbow Dragon roll at Samba Sushi

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  1. Kendal, I would love to hear about the controversy your class sees in illegal immigration. What arguments came up in the discussions? What was the documentary about? What was your reaction to it? What was the classes reaction?