Sunday, June 22, 2014

Pre College is College

Finally got to New York and settled down in my dorm at Coulumbia University. we arrived by train and then took a taxi cab from the train station to Columbia. It was so crazy because I swear there were traffic lights for each block and it seemed like it would be slow but everything was going fast, even pedestrian walked across when cars were coming. So I'm staying in the Furnald residential hall and I'm happy to say I'm with a roommate and his name is Abhimanyu Sinha and he's from India. It was really chill getting to know him we talked for like two hours and he  had a lot of things to say that I had shared opinions on. He's super smart he's taken more classes then me and he has this thing he calls quizzes, which is basically a game on general knowledge things on United States culture. I'm having a good feeling about our emerging friendship; it's funny because when I applied or this program one of the requirements told me to write about an imaginary friend I would meet, and I said that I would meed an Indian person.

Columbia Library

Well being as tired I am from getting no sleep this week I made a mistake of leaving my key to the dorm when I left to get some lotion and bubble tea. Lucky for me my awaiting friend was there and I knocked the door and he greeted me with a firm handshake and great excitement. We immediately got into talking about what we want to do and where we came from. I told him about this program and he was amazed, I showed them the blogs and he corrected me on typos. I can see a great experience waiting for me, and I'm happy he roomed with me. He asked me about college apps and I immediately told him to read the blogs I've posted because I have some good information on there. One of the things I want to stress is that the college apps should show exactly who you are and that if anyone read your activities or your personal statement or saw your grades, someone should be able to differentiate you between someone with a similar application.

The first day was awesome all the Residence Assistants threw a small outside party, and I met some of the thousand people that were there. Just on the first day, I met someone from Singapore, Malaysia, Michigan, Brasil, it really felt like an introduction to college. I love it so far I can't wait to start my classes tomorrow!

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  1. Justin, I'm so glad you have found some young men to finally connect with. You have tolerated us women for long enough and now you are again with your own kind. I'm sure you'll have a blast. Get some sleep tonight and thanks again for pointing out my error tonight. See you soon.