Thursday, June 26, 2014

Unusual Free Time

Quiz day today, everybody's favorite time of class! I hope you realize I'm joking because quizzes are no joke. It isn't as bad as I thought, the quiz basically covered everything we talked in class, things like: court decisions, court theories, and certain clauses within the amendments. For example, today I learned that there's this thing called the supremacy clause which states that federal law overrules state laws which is in article six of the constitution. I'm enjoying the new knowledge of law that I'm being introduced to, I feel as if I'm becoming a lawyer in training. It feels as if I'm starting to be able to use the constitution as justification to certain actions, instead of just using my morale preference. That was one of the things I really thought paid off during my quiz, being able to decipher morale justifications, to constitutional justification.

Getting to the more fun part of my day, I went to the basketball gym again and was able to share my love of the game by playing 5 vs 5. I played pretty bad at first, I gave up three turnovers and then air  balled ,although very soon I picked my game up, made some buckets and was able to lose my defender many times. But sadly my day ended early because a guy got injured, I'm praying that he comes out okay.

I finished out the day by turning on the Latin part of me by going to this dance outside. I say this because it was a Latin American album playing. I'm not going to lie, I have little rhythm so don't ask me to dance. But today was an exception, I wanted to meet more people and get out of my comfort zone. My friend Christian from my Constitutional Law class introduced me to his friends, so I grew connections. A relaxing type of day for me, but still fun.

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  1. Great to hear you are rocking the Con Law class! Great job!