Sunday, June 15, 2014


It feels like I'm a little kid again and it's the night before the entire family would drive down to Disneyland for a vacation or it was the night before Christmas. The day before the only thing that would be on my mind was all the fun I would have the next day and when bedtime came, I had a huge case of insomnia. Although I'm not a "little kid" anymore, I can definitely say that it feels that way. I have the butterflies in my stomach, a restless feeling, and an urge to giggle at the thought of tomorrow. Everything is packed and ready to go except for maybe my mind because it's racing right now!
All packed! If only I could bring my dog Osito too.

Up to this moment, ILC has consumed a lot of time but it has definitely been worth it. It took a lot to get here from revising essays over and over to preparing for my interview to learning how to blog to reading 232 pages of Supreme Court cases for my Constitutional Law class. And I thought getting this scholarship was hard! A majority of my sophomore year has been spent thinking of this day: the day that I leave to the East Coast and become a more mature version of myself. It is very exciting but underneath the excitement are other emotions that go along with leaving the place I have been for the past sixteen years. Honestly, I am just the tiniest bit scared. This is my first time being away from home for more than a few days. I am looking forward to the freedom and the room it will allow me to mature, but I worry that I will miss my loved ones here in the Bay Area. Nonetheless, I know the ILC is the right path for me and regardless of the conflicting feelings I am having, I am certain that this the opportunity of a lifetime and I have been ready to take it on for months.
My very solid Con Law textbook.

Don has emailed out the final Columbia cohort itinerary and I cannot express my joy for going to Boston, and afterward, New York based off of what the schedule looks like.  Heading to New York and taking Con Law has been on my mind since I was first introduced to the ILC back in first quarter which seems like years ago. Finally, it is no longer a thought to daydream about in class or talk about with Michelle at lunch, but a reality that is about to begin in just a few hours. I am ready to experience Boston, Columbia, and the Ivy League Connection for all it has to offer me. I just hope I can get a little rest before I wake up at 2:30 in the morning to meet up with my cohort as well as Don and Ms. Kronenberg before getting on a plane going to Boston. Wow, I am so EXCITED!

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