Sunday, June 29, 2014

Museums, Parks, Oh My!

Our adventures today took us to Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum of Art (the MET). 

We first went to Central Park to eat our breakfast and admire Strawberry Fields, a part of the park commemorating John Lennon. It was a gorgeous, lush area filled with pathways and pieces in memory of Lennon. We took a scenic route through the park that led us to some other gorgeous sites too! 
After that little stroll in the park, we went to the MET. We first visited the Egyptian Art. There they had cool artifacts ranging from cave paintings to tombs. It was really cool to be able to see all these artifacts in person! We also went to see a fashion, Greek and roman, Asian, and American history exhibit. My favorite one was definitely the fashion exhibit. I thought this one was so cool because all the old styles displayed in the museum are coming back into style now! The big coats and accentuated waist lines are definitely becoming trendy again. 

The vastness of the museum really shocked me. I didn't realize that there was so much to see! We took a little break during out visit to eat like a real New Yorker. We got some food from the nearby food trucks and sat on the steps of the MET, taking in the sounds, smells, sights, and tastes of New York. After we finished out lunch, we headed back in to see what we could before the closing of the museum. 

Since it had been a long day, we didn't do much more after the MET. I was very grateful, as I still had homework to do! I was very happy that I would get a full night of sleep as well. Most people hate mondays, but I am actually kind of excited for class to start again! 

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  1. Nice to hear how much you enjoy your class and the museum. I'm so glad you were with us today. You seemed enthused about several of the collections and it was nice to discuss some of them with you. It was an exhausting day, but I hope you felt worth it in the end.