Thursday, June 26, 2014

Heathers the Musical

Today I went to my first off-broadway show! One of the girls living on my floor, Bria, told me that one of the room advisers was going to be hosting a trip to see Heathers the Musical. I have an unhealthy obsession with old movies so when I found out that one of my favorite movies from the 80s was made into a musical, I couldn't help but say yes. First, Brie and I went to eat dinner at the dinning hall, then I met with the rest of the group so we could board the subway and head out.
Me, Nikki, Bria, James, Krippa, Elizabeth
Our outing was led by James, one of the RAs in Furnald Hall. Elizabeth, Krippa, and Nikki were also with us, but we didn't talk to them very much. I was actually surprised to find out that Krippa is in my class. When we got to the theater, we were early and a guy named Justin was waiting for another show to start was in the same area as we were. Justin was oddly friendly and socially awkward so we were trying to find an excuse to get out of the conversation we were having. Thankfully, the show started allowing people in and we escaped from his audible torture. The theater was set on an 80s playlist and songs like Video Killed the Radio Star and Hey Mickey flowed through the isles.
My ticket and Playbill
Soon enough, the show started. It was a bit different from the movie, but I think the changes made the plot a bit more unpredictable and exciting. I would recommend watching this play to almost anyone unless they're sensitive to topics such as eating disorders, thoughts of suicide, and/or depression because although the play deals with these subjects in a humorous manner, they may still be triggering. I had a great night and I had so much fun. I hope I get to go to an actual Broadway show while I'm in New York! This city is so great and there's always so much to do and people to do it with.

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  1. I'm so glad you got to see this show! I know you listed on your Top 10 a broadway show, so this is very close. I want to let you know that the show you first mentioned wanting to see, Of Mice and Men with James Franco, has been on the discount board several times this week. I think the tickets are around $90. If you can get a small group together, I can try to get tickets for you on either Wed or Thurs of next week.