Saturday, June 28, 2014

Other Side of Town

Today was one of the days were I wasn't as independent and had to follow my chaperon Joyce Thrift around. Even though you are here alone there are things you have to do in groups and today was one of the days that I really needed to get back to the cooperative work. I'm still adjusting to doing everything on my own, and trying to maximize my schedule with RA (resident assistant) trips. I was very grateful for today because we went to an NYU visit and a 9/11 memorial museum.


NYU isn't an Ivy League College but it is a very good school. I say this because you don't have to go to an Ivy League college to an education, a lot of other colleges offer good education, but aren't exactly a brand name. I just want to make sure you keep your mind open to other schools. Getting back to NYU, I thought it was a very modern looking school. It seemed as if technology and being right by the city, took away the community feeling o this college. I like to have some distractions at a college but not to the point where it seems like it separates people. For example campus isn't like a long block, there are streets and shops in between classes. Another thing that didn't appeal to me was that they didn't meet 100% need in the financial aid part of the application. Coming from a low-income family, college is going to be hard without money. I will say that NYU has very interesting courses however. They are the only school that has actual NYU campuses in other countries. They have campuses in Abu Dahbi and Hong Kong. They offer more than 2000 classes and have a schools of arts and sciences, business school, nursing school, and engineering school.
Washington park.

The rose in my day was going to the 9/11 museum and being able to take in and feel the emotions of the victims there. I was only about 4 years old when it happened and I didn't remember what happened. The exhibit was so moving and so emotional that I was interested in finding out more. I went and asked my parents about their experience and then I heard many of the testimonials that they had recorded in the exhibit. I can see why the United States takes many precautionary measures, and why airport security is so tight. I've never felt that way for any memorial or exhibit, I have to say that that day is one of the most influential days of the world. It was so fascinating to learn history and then be able to feel the emotions and the thoughts of others on that day. It is a must see exhibit, and while your there try to reflect a little bit. One of the things that stood out to me was the fact that a significant amount of firemen died trying to save people. They tried to put out the fire a the same time but their efforts didn't have much affect. I appreciate them putting their lives on the line to give hope to the people that were trapped.
Memorial of one of the towers

World Trade Center

A quilt with every single victim's name and photo.

Ended the day with some Lombardi's pizza and a seemingly maze like subway trip back.

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  1. I liked the way you kept yourself open to NYU. It is a very different college than the others we've seen and, yet, as you point out an excellent school. I also appreciate how your 9/11 memorial experience led you to seek out more information about it from your parents. It's good to see how historical events affect everyone in the country in an individual way.