Sunday, June 29, 2014

Walking Pays Off

My day consisted of on foot traveling more then 80% of the day. Again I met with my cohort and then got on the subway to meet with my chaperon Joyce at a subway stop. From there we got some breakfast and then walked all the way to and through central park. All the attention and fame that Central Park receives is well deserved.

I was able to experience all the luscious grass flourish in the sun and in the park. I absolutely loved it, I let myself enjoy every bit of my surroundings and better yet I took pictures. Definitely check Central Park out it's amazing. The park is huge, I went two different paths and I wasn't even close to covering half of everything that was available.

Next thing we did was head to the conveniently placed Metropolitan Museum of Arts at the other side of the park (shorter side). The museum was big, and I mean it felt as if it was as big as Central Park itself. Anyway that museum is just too big to see and enjoy all of it in just one sitting. We went around for 6 hours and didn't cover all of it. I encourage you to go to the Greek/Roman art, it shows a lot of sculptures and even has sculptures of the gods Hermes and Zeus. I was really lost today viewing the art because I never really appreciated it. Thanks to Joyce and the description right next to each of the pieces of art, I was able to appreciate it a little more. I had so much fun today I'm really glad to be able to spend time with my old friends and be able to experience more things. I appreciate Joyce, she's very good at time management and helps me make the most of my day.

Zeus head


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  1. Thanks, Justin! I appreciate the way you keep yourself open to all the new experience you are having as an ILCer. I can't wait to hear about your reaction to Phantom tonight.