Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Seemingly Regular Day

Class went smoothly today, we reviewed what we read and the professor Luke MaccaInis asked us very theoritcal questions and made us go beyond the text. We read court cases like Marbury v. Madison, Mucculoch v. Maryland, all the cases that really defined the supreme court's power. The question's he asked took a minute to think about to really give a good answer or response. Some of the questions he asked were: "Do you think the constitution is okay to be compared to the attempted European one?" or "Is it different to interpret rules and to make them, or are they similar?" I'm really enjoying that class it's getting me used to the constitutional thinking and helping me support my answers without relying purely on what I feel is just or what my morals tell me to do. The class challenges me by having to read and interpret some judiciary language from people like James Madison and John Marshall. On top of the good challenge the class isin't even big. My friend Emily Leung is in a class of one hundred-forty people and I'm sitting at about one-tenth of that (18 people).

My friend Chase Werther 

In other news, I wrote my first thank you cards to some of the sick children in the hospital. Sadly I didn't take a picture of it because I didn't have a camera but what it said was "You're always in my heart." This was going on at the community outreach program and initially I was going to go off campus to help at a youth development place called Harlem Head Start, but I was misinformed about the meeting time. I really wanted to help, so I decided to send that letter to try to show the sick children that people do care and that they aren't forgotten. I pray for the sick and injured all the time to keep them in my thoughts, hoping for a miracle. This goes back to the significance of community, I believe that everyone in the community is part of the community no matter what, so when I sent the card I was thinking about them because they are still important. I was glad I was able to contribute in someway, but tomorrow I won't miss the off campus stuff.

After that I went to the gym and played a little basketball. I hate to say it but I got beat by an older man and I got super tired after about thirty minutes. If there's one thing the ILC does it's feeding you. I was feeling all the after effects of those four course dinners and the really rich meat from five star restaurants. Soon after I left and went to walk around Broadway and 116th street. It was so beautiful, seeing many stores many different food places. I'm not even close to finish the exploration, but I was lucky enough to meet my friend Chase Werther from my class there, and she was able to tell me about good areas to look at because she had just went on a small trip around the block. It wasn't too busy a day just one to take more slowly, but don't worry I'll be right back on it tomorrow!

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  1. Justin, I loved it when you shared specific questions that were raised in class. Now can you also tell me what you thought about those questions? What did other people in the class think?