Monday, June 23, 2014

First Day of Class, Smart People Amass

Today marks the first day of classes!

Since it was one of the first days of the program, my group on my floor all met up with my RA and we all went to breakfast in the John Jay hall of the college. The dining hall was swimming with people; the lines to get food were ridiculous. By the time I made it out everyone in my group had practically already finished eating. 

After breakfast, we all split ways to go to class. Luckily, there were RAs scattered around campus, so finding my class wasn't too much of an issue. I was entering the class and spotted Kendal, so I sat next to her, three rows from the front. My professor, Roger Mesznik, was a very nice and funny man. He was quick to make everyone feel at ease with jokes. The class itself wasn't too interesting today; it was mainly just introductions that he went over today. I know that the rest of the classes won't actually be like this, so I'm excited to delve deeper into the actual subject of the course!

The course ended after two hours, and we got a two hour lunch break. During this time I ate lunch an ran some errands. The most frustrating part of my break was getting my UNI card (university network ID) to activate. Every building I was led to was the wrong one, and people kept on directing me to different places. I finally went to this one person who told me that my card had already been activated. I ran around for a quarter of my lunch break for no reason! I was not too happy about that at all.
Kendal and I got some fro-yo at the dining hall!
When I arrived to my next class, which was a discussion class led by a TA, I plopped down in the desk chair, exhausted from running around for half an hour in the New York humidity. The class was alright; again it was mostly introductory things so it wasn't too interesting, but I am very sure that the class will get more interesting! The class had about twenty students in it, which was a refreshing change from the 140 in the lecture.

After class I went back to the dorms to rest for a bit. In an hour or so, I was going to meet Monica, Kendal, Michelle, and Lisa to go watch a movie. When we had met, the talk of going on an RA led excursion to Time Square popped up, and we ended up going to that.
The bustling city.
I am so glad we ended up going to Time Square; the city was absolutely breath-taking. No picture could depict what I was feeling as I was standing in the heart of it. The energy I was receiving from the place was amazing; the bustling people, the luminous billboard screens, and the skyscrapers all surrounded me. Unfortunately, we didn't get much time to do everything we wanted, but still being able to go was such an awesome experience.

I arrived home, exhausted and ready to go to bed. I hope that tomorrow holds just as much excitement!

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  1. I'm so happy to hear you are taking advantage of the RA trips. And your professor! So impressive--check him out--

    I hope by the end of tomorrow you'll be able to tell me how much home work you'll need to do this weekend. I'm glad you're having such a great time!