Monday, June 16, 2014

My First Day In Boston

The first day of this trip has seemed like multiple days layered into one. The early morning drop-off and shuttle ride were cold and I didn't let my nerves get to me. I knew that if I stay positive and I stop trying to expect things to be a certain way, that I'll be ready to handle whatever challenges I have to face. The first challenge was the ham and cheese breakfast burrito that I unfortunately decided to order for breakfast. :( 

The plane ride was extensive and I felt as if it would never end. I would go in and out of bouts of sleep but could never find a comfortable position to sleep in. I enjoyed talking to Lisa, Emily, and Kendal about what they were looking forward to doing on our trip. I realized that they felt similarly to the way that I did, the nerves, the anticipation, the excitement. I was taken aback by the view of Boston and how green it was.
View of Boston
The hotel was stunning as well and everyone was really pleased to be staying at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel. However, there was initially a mistake in setting up our rooms and it meant that 5 of us girls would be staying in one suite. The prospect of this setup became really uncomfortable for me because I'm so used to having my own room and personal space. I knew that I would have to be sharing a room, but I didn't expect it to be with 4 other girls. Luckily, the arrangements were fixed and right now I'm rooming with Lisa and Michelle. I think I overreacted in the beginning but it made me realize that I do need to work towards overcoming my social anxieties, especially before I leave to college, and might want to consider not living in a communal dorm. 
Justin, Kendal, Emily, Lisa, Monica, Michelle
The dinner that we had at Maggiano's Little Italy was delicious. It reminded me of a higher class version of Macaroni Grill to be honest. I treated myself to a huge plate of calamari. :) 
Calamari Fritte
The walk through the Boston Commons park was the highlight of the day for me. I loved being a part of such a natural environment. The swans on the lake, the blooming roses, and carefree nature of the park allowed me to take everything in. I took some of my best pictures there so far.
Rose Garden
I especially appreciated the seemingly endless row of statues. 
Thomas Lee Statue
The surrounding architecture was stunning and I even got a picture of a gothic-style cathedral. 
I have had a tedious day and I have some more tedious days ahead of me. Although I'm tired, I'm ready to rest up so I can be able to appreciate this experience to the best of my abilities! :))))

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