Saturday, June 21, 2014

Ready for Everything

Today we went to see Princeton. I think everyone was exhausted because no one had much of a reaction. I felt as if the campus was pretty empty as well. Anyways, once the tour started, I noticed that although Princeton is a beautiful campus, it didn’t give me any excitement. We had a great tour guide though, her name was Jennifer and she was kind enough to come to lunch with us and talk to us about her experience at Princeton. Unlike the other dinners, this was completely unplanned which is why I have to give her a shout-out! The grade-deflation policy at Princeton was a major negative aspect of the school. Although Jennifer said she always felt like she got the grade she deserved, I’m just scared of being in the same competitive environment that I was in for high school. I really want my internal improvements to be the main focus of college, not competing with other people. From what Jennifer told me, Princeton doesn’t foster that type of environment, but there were still other things about Princeton that I did not enjoy.
The surrounding area of Princeton was another negative aspect of the school. I felt as if it was very upscale and overpriced. I just don’t think I’d be the right fit for a school like Princeton, not because of the tour or conversation with Jennifer was lacking in information, but because I just didn’t feel like I couldn’t picture myself attending college there. I think that the ILC administrators should definitely consult with Jennifer though, because she told me lots of great things about being a prospective student at Princeton.
After the tour I was in a really bad mood. I was tired, cranky, and wanted to go back to the hotel. This whole week has been quite the experience, but I really want to get some rest. I could definitely sense the tensions in our group when we headed to Joyce’s destination choice, Independence Hall. The tour was historically interesting and I got to see the room that the Constitution was ratified in. I also got to see the chair that George Washington sat in while it was being ratified. The tour guide for Independence Hall was obviously passionate about her job. She let people know a lot about the history of revolutionary America.

The restaurant we went to, La Crioux was some of the best food I’ve eaten before in my life. Not only was there great service from the waiters, but the food was nothing short of stellar. I’m talking intricate plates of food with amazing flavors, they even made the vegetables taste good! The d├ęcor was on point as well and the atmosphere of the restaurant was a mixture of classy and calm. This was the perfect way to end the day and I didn’t feel too much pressure to speak to other people. I could just relax and enjoy the food. :)

Overall it was a roller-coaster day, but I’m ready to meet my roommate tomorrow! I hope she’s a really cool girl who I can chill with and talk with. I think it’ll be an experience to remember.

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