Sunday, June 29, 2014

Museum Amusement

Our group had an excellent day that started off with a stroll through Central Park at Strawberry Fields, a region widely known for the death of John Lennon. We spent time in this area of the park remembering someone who helped shape the nation's culture and views and we were able to see the impact his life made. we continued our stroll throughout Central Park and walked all the way through to the end where we saw the Metropolitan Museum. 

We found our way to the entrance and decided to see the Egyptian exhibit. We saw pyramids, mummies, hieroglyphs, pottery, and jewelry. I stood in awe at the grand structures that surrounded me and the vast culture that I saw while walking through the exhibit. This particular section was my favorite because I knew my ancestors achieved something beautiful and it made me feel proud to be of African descent. After we finished browsing through ancient Egypt, we went to a special
exhibit on costume, Charles James: Beyond Fashion. My group stood in awe at the costumes used in Hollywood's golden age. The collection of women's clothing expressed sensuality and class. This section was also one of my favorites because I have a slight obsession with classic movies and to see some of the dresses made in the same era as the one that some of my favorite films were released was astonishing. My third favorite exhibit was the Greek and Roman Art. It's needless to say that Greek and Roman art is beautiful. The sculptures are highly detailed and careful. The art shows how the body moves and tells a story with a specific stance. 
Scarab jewelry in the Egyptian exhibit.

Around midday, we got lunch at some of the nearby food trucks before we went back into the museum for a second look. We visited the Asian Art section and the American Art collection. It was strange to see things like crystal lanterns and china there because my grandma has sets like the ones we saw at her house that I see regularly. We soon returned home and I was able to catch up on some of the work that I wasn't able to get to this weekend. I was amused by everything I saw today. I hope I get to have more fun like this in the future.
A Charles James gown.

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  1. I'm glad to hear that the Egyptian art touched you. It is amazing how the ancient artifacts excites ones imagination.