Monday, June 16, 2014

Boston Park Plaza

My cohort and I arrived at our first destination today--Boston, Massachusetts. We arrived early at El Cerrito High School to have our luggage weighed, receive luggage tags, and get information on how the flight process was supposed to work. In a few minutes after we got together and took a group picture, and boarded a charter bus to SFO.
When we got to our Virgin Airlines terminal, we immediately got into a lengthy line to have our bags weighed. Thankfully, my luggage wasn't too heavy and it didn't exceed the 50 lbs limit and after waiting a while, we got all of the cohort's luggage checked and we moved through airport security. Since we arrived so early at El Cerrito High, nobody had time to eat breakfast and most of us ended up eating at a small cafe near our plane's gate. 
We boarded our plane and found our seats all the way in the back of the plane which was a bit upsetting because we were right next to bathroom and whenever anything happened back there, I noticed instantly. After the flight was over, we all took our baggage and met a chauffeur at the baggage claim area. Our chauffeur had us split up into two groups with me, Emily, and Monica in a minivan. I tried to ask our driver about good places to eat, but sadly, all he could come up with was Burger King.

Soon our car trip was over and we arrived at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel. When we got into the lobby, we were immediately greeted with crystal chandeliers and artwork adorned on the walls. After settling into our rooms, we decided to get something to eat at a local Italian restaurant called "Maggiano's Little Italy" where I literally had the best pasta I've ever tasted in my life. After everyone finished their meals, we decided to go on a walk through the city. We visited the Boston Commons and passed memorials of admirable people such as Alexander Hamilton, and firefighters who died in a traumatic fire on June 17, 1972 in order to save the lives of others. One thing that really stood out in the city was the architecture that maintains its old-fashioned feel throughout countless years. 

Today was really busy, but I still can't wait for tomorrow when we have a dinner with Harvard graduates and visit MIT and Harvard.

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  1. Glad to see that all of your are enjoying yourselves!!! What better birthday eve birthday present than to be in Boston, MA!