Monday, June 23, 2014

Ready, Set, Go!

1/16 of my econ lecture
I've never been so excited for school before, but I'm looking forward to the next few weeks. I'm starting my business class of 140 people today and I've never been in such a large setting. My high school's class of 2015 is composed of approximately sixty-five students and now I'm in a class with more than twice that number. I started my day the healthy way with breakfast at our dining hall, John Jay around nine o'clock. After I had finished breakfast, it was time to get ready for my first day of class. I went back to the dorm and prepared to try something new. I walked into a room of no more than thirty people and sat in a seat near the front. After a few minutes elapsed, our professor, Roger Mesznik, walked in explaining where the bathrooms are and what to expect from the course. He decided to start class a bit late to allow people to find the room. At first, I was sitting alone, but soon enough Emily arrived and I didn't feel like such an outcast. Prof. Mesznik lectured on the basics of markets. The class was over soon since he started an hour late, but I didn't mind. 
My pitiful henna tattoo

After class, Emily and I got lunch at the dining hall and then I went to the bookstore to buy a blanket. During "midday", the RAs hosted a carnival which wasn't much of a carnival at all. In reality, it was a bunch of booths set up to promote different clubs and organizations during the summer. I signed up for the community outreach club and I got a henna tattoo on my knuckles (but it didn't come out very well). After I got my faux tattoo, I went to my afternoon group session led by a TA named Jianyu. I sat next to a funny guy from France named Phillip and an energetic girl named Clara who's also from the bay area. We all did introductions and played charades to pass our two hours. After class, I asked them to take a picture with me. They're both really tall which emphasizes the fact that I'm only 5'3".

After class got out, I returned to dining hall for dinner and ate with Emily, Michelle, Monica, and Lisa and we decided to go to Times Square with some of the RAs. One of the girls on my dorm's floor, Leanne, decided to join us at the last minute and we all welcomed her with open arms. We didn't spend much time there because it was late and I wanted to make sure that I was home early enough to do my homework, type my blog, and get to my room before my curfew. I'm starting our strongly in Columbia's race of discovery and I won't stop running until I earn my professor's certificate of achievement.
Clara, me, and Philip


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