Sunday, June 22, 2014

Finally Here

I'm finally in Manhattan and I can honestly say that it's just as great as I expected. We arrived on campus on a crowded train and settled into our rooms after a quick check-in. I'll be staying in a single-person room in Harley Hall. My room is spacious and includes a mirror, air conditioner, dresser, bed, desk, chair, and shelves attached to the walls. The bathrooms were a bit small with only two stalls and two showers that don't look very clean and there isn't sufficient space to put toiletries on the sink.
After settling in a little bit, a couple of the girls and I went to pick up hangers at the nearby ninety-nine cent store and went around the corner for lunch at Max Cafe. I got a chicken avocado wrap that was delicious. After we returned to Columbia, I finished unpacking and fixed my bed. I was a bit upset with the quality of the blanket, but I could always buy one from the bookstore tomorrow. I actually have a lot of extra space in my room which makes it feel more comfortable and private. A bit after I finished unpacking, my room advisors, Megan and Rebeka, gathered us in the living space and explained that we were going to go to a barbecue and then we's have an orientation for the program. 

After all ten residents met with our two RAs, we headed down Broadway to attend the barbecue. I sat next to a girl named Lulu from North Carolina and another girl named Carman from Miami. Carman and I both found out that we were fans of the British TV show Skins and we had some of the same favorite characters too! After our short lunch, we headed to a green area to receive our orientation. We reviewed the behavioral standards which included rules about respect towards others, respect towards oneself, and the use of narcotics. The people in charged of this program seem to be rightfully strict about the rules they've set and one mistake can send anyone home. We also discussed the different trips that the RAs would be hosting which sounded exciting.

After all of the material was reviewed, we returned to our dorms and took the numbers of our RAs and Senior RA. Then we were free to do what we want and so far, I'm enjoying my freedom.


  1. Isn't great to be in a place where you get to meet people from all over the world?! I love to find out how other people do things and think about things. What's different and what's similar. You have a great way of getting to know people, and I can't wait to read about them in your blogs.

  2. Get names and numbers! You may want to visit their country when YOU are financially able to do so! :-)