Sunday, June 22, 2014

Finally Dipping my Foot into the College Pool

Columbia... I am finally here.
What a welcoming campus!
I could barely sleep last night; I was so excited to come to Columbia today! We took the train over to the Pennsylvania Station in New York, where we hailed cabs to take us to the university. We arrived at 11:30, thirty minutes before they said they would check people in. Fortunately, when we got to Columbia, they started checking people in early. I went to the table, told them my last name, and I was off with a key to the dorm that I would be staying in for three weeks. I was beyond excited. So many questions were racing through my head: Would the dorms be nice? How many people would I be rooming with? Were they nice? The elevator ride was almost too long to stand.

While I was waiting for everyone else in the group to get their keys and room assignments, I surveyed the campus and my fellow classmates for the next three weeks. Some of them seemed very well off and almost snooty; others seemed very studious. People attending his program came from all walks of life. I was just hoping I would get along with most of them and make some new friends!
One last selfie before we all part!
I was placed in the Furnald Hall, whom Justin was placed in as well. My room has a a really nice view that overlooks the center of the campus. I was very pleased to find that I was placed in a single room. Even though it might be easier to make friends in a room with roommates, I am glad to be able to have some privacy. My RA, Ramshah, quickly introduced herself to me. She was super friendly and helpful. I felt welcome already!
After settling in a bit, I called up all the girls in the cohort to go on a drug store run. On our way back, we stopped by a little hole-in-the-wall cafe called Max Caffe. It was sad thinking that the people I had spent so much time with the past week would soon be separated by new busy schedules and friends. I really cherished that last lunch together.

We got back to campus and went out separate ways. I got a little more unpacking done and tidied up a bit. I propped my door open in hopes that someone would stop by and say hi. I started getting lonely so I called up Monica and see what her group was up to. I went over to her dorm where Lisa, Monica, and Michelle were, including their roommates. Seeing how friendly everyone was made me wish that I had met someone on my floor! We all went back to my dorm, and Monica being the proactive person she is, knocked on my neighbors door and introduced me to her. She ended up doing this with a few people, and caught some people outside of their dorms too. We all started talking in a big group and I was starting to feel much better about my living situation! We all got along.

The group on our floor that was led by Ramshah met up at 5:30pm for a welcome barbecue. It was more like a pre-made barbecue dinner, but nonetheless it was very fun! Ramshah was very good about keeping conversation going and keeping everyone involved. It didn't hurt that she is also hilarious too. After the barbecue, we headed back to the dorms for a little orientation. Here Ramshah discussed the rules of the program and gave us more information about the campus. She highly encouraged us to go to the fair that would be held at 8pm that would discuss trips held during the program.

I was not expecting a dance party at that fair! Everyone from the program (all 2200 of us) congregated near the gazebo (where we first went to to sign in this morning) to find a DJ on the gazebo and a sea full of adolescents. RAs held up signs publicizing their trips and activities they would be leading. I only found interest in a few of them, but it was still a very fun time!

My first day at Columbia could not have been better; I met some new friends, ate good food, and felt that sense of independence college gives you. I cannot wait until classes start!


  1. How nice to have a friend like Monica that looks after you! It's great to hear that your first day was so terrific! See you in the morning!

  2. Yay!!!! Monica!!! Sometimes it can be uncomfortable and hard but you sometimes have to put yourself out there to meet people. You all look like you are having the time of your lives!!!