Monday, June 23, 2014

The Time of My Life

Started my Constitutional class today it was pretty chill, has a good pace. We went over the first fifteen amendments and then played a little bit of a word game that tested our sense of the terminology used in law. I would say it was pretty hard because a lot of these students are extremely well educated and some of them have very successful parents. I don't mind much because I'm there to do my best and not compare myself to others. Otherwise, the class is starting off great and everyone is participating regularly. I met more new people from across the word, like someone from Italy, Canada, Dubai again, and Hong Kong.It's great to see the diversity and the different amount of opinions that are presented in the class. It really feels like I'm getting an introduction to college, and I'm absolutely enjoying it.

The other thing I did did today was sign up for this Community Outreach program during my stay here at Columbia. It was essentially a community service program that can be on campus or off campus to try to help the community in some way during the afternoon. There were so many people like me that wanted to do that same program, I'm really excited to meet all of them. I found out about this program during this extravaganza that we had in order to introduce a lo of the residential students into some of the programs being offered that students can do with their free time. I also signed up for this mock world cup tournament, I vowed to contribute to he Mexico "national" team. I haven't played soccer in about ten years so it will be really interesting to know how I react to the different level of competition. It's all fun and games until the loser gets eliminated, in any case I still think it will be really fun.

Last but not least, I went to Times Square. Everything was completely new to me, I've never ridden that subway, never went that fast, or transitioned that fast in the subway (BART is way slower). It was almost overwhelming, I couldn't believe what I saw what I smelled, it was incredible. I'm very fortunate for this experience, I called one of my friends and she was so jealous and I just had to say, "Thanks to the ILC I'm here." I love the city, so much to do, so much to see. I can't explain it all so I hope this pictures can provide some clarity. I will be returning for a second time so keep reading!

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