Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Laundry Quandary

Today was the first time on this trip that I got a chance to do laundry. I definitely have had experience doing my own laundry, but trying to operate the machines that the dorms had were kind of hard! i guess I am so used to machines figuring everything out for me because I almost had no idea what settings to choose for my load of laundry. Eventually, I ended up figuring it out but it took much more time than it should've. Good thing one of the girl's in my hall came with me, because it probably would've taken me much longer to do had it not been for her!

Besides that whole fiasco, my day was very good! I enjoyed class quite a bit more today! Today was one of our check in days, so at 9am, the group gathered near the food hall to meet with Ms. Thrift. We had a short chat and then headed to the bookstore to get sweatshirts! Unfortunately, we didn't have too much time to pick something out, but I think everyone was very content with the sweatshirt they got.
Fashion models showcasing the latest in collegiate gear.
Lecture today was not as exciting as discussion was. In discussion, we actually got more in depth with economics. I found the topics my TA was lecturing about very interesting. I didn't know that economics embodied as much as he was describing! So many factors go into the economy; seeing things like social media even have an affect on the economy is really cool.

Selfie of the year award goes to my
 dorm-mates and RA!
Even though I had the chance to hang out with the people from the cohort, I decided to take a raincheck and get to know my dorm-mates a little better. I went to dinner with two of them: Emma, who is from New Jersey, and Tanya, who is from Thailand. Tanya goes to an English international school, so her english sounds flawless. Being able to see what their lives were like back home was so entertaining; we talked about the differences in our lives, like how school culture was different amongst all three of us, and we also talked about our similarities, like how prom was.

Just after the first barbecue dinner my dorm-mates and I had, I knew that we would all come to be very close. The dynamic of everyone in the group is so perfect: we all share common interests, but also differ from each other enough to have things to constantly talk about. I hope that throughout this trip, I will have plenty of time to get to know my dorm-mates even more!

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  1. Emily, I loved it when you described what your roommates talked about. Including details like that make your writing so interesting. I would like to know more about your economics discussion. You say it was in depth and interesting, but not the topic or how it was interesting.