Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Day of Solace

I think I’m starting to have a routine even though it’s only day two. I wake up, take a shower, write my blog, and then read. It’s actually comforting to be having a routine again because everything this past week has been so hectic. Going to class is going to start feeling routine as well. We watched a movie about two Supreme Court Justices and another about Supreme Court Justice, John Marshall. I don’t think that my class is boring, but right now a lot of it is a review of what I learned in my history class junior year. John Marshall is a political leader that I admire and it was interesting to get to know more about him.

The afternoon was a bit harder for me. I left my key in my room after taking a nap so I ended up being locked out when I returned from class. It was not a pleasant experience. It actually made me realize that I don’t enjoy being alone. It even makes me feel uncomfortable. I think that this is something else that I want to overcome because to survive in college, I need to know how to be an independent person. I need to know how to cope on days when I have no one but myself.

After my experience of getting locked out, I decided that I’d like to do an afternoon activity where I could get to know new people. I met a girl, Dara, who was sitting by herself as well. I started talking to her and as it turned out, she was also planning to go on the Staten Island Ferry ride. She introduced me to her friends, but I spent more time getting to know her and talking to her. Because my phone wasn’t working, she took a lot of pictures of me, some really cute ones with the Statue of Liberty in the background. I met so many people on the ferry ride that I hadn’t yet seen while I was at the college. I met three other girls, one from Bombay, another from Singapore, and another from Texas. We all hung out, along with Dara, and went to Chipotle after the subway ride back.

I felt so happy when I came back to my dorm. I had a fun conversation with my roommates Lorena and Sabrina as well. For a long time at home, I always wondered if there was something wrong with who I was. I wondered if that was why making friends could be hard for me sometimes. Now I don’t think that because back at home I’m so used to everyone. There’s no one that knows me for me, the present me. They may think of Monica from two or three years ago who they knew as an underclassmen as me today, however they’re very incorrect. I have been through so many things and have changed so greatly as a person that their judgments of me are false. I don’t doubt that these might even carry on into my senior year of high school, but I feel solace in knowing that college will not be that way. My life will not be that way and that there are plenty of people to meet and get to know outside and after high school.

Hope you liked my blog, still don’t have my phone working completely but I will have those pictures soon. Toodles : )

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  1. This blog describes a time when you learned something about yourself and you grew from it--that's one of my favorite kinds! Write more like that!