Thursday, June 26, 2014


My only complaint in New York so far is that there is not enough time in  the day! So much can happen in a day, the only downside might be my sleeping schedule, but that's okay because I am learning a lot. In my Con Law class today I had my first quiz that I was very nervous about even though I studied. When I got that quiz, I had good reason to be nervous because it was pretty hard! It included a lot of memorization of important topics from the Supreme Court cases that we have gone over in class as well ad vocabulary and amendments. I felt fine with my answers afterward and I am anxious for my results. After the quiz, the class split into groups to play Constitutional Jeopardy which was a lot of fun. I was in the best group (I mean, we lost but we had spirit). The game definitely brought the class together even though it was a competition and I am glad I realized that the people in my class are smart AND fun.

After class, I got some reading done and explored a library on campus. I also visited the gym, doing things to pass time until it was time to eave for the New York Philharmonic. When it was time, I got dressed up, ate dinner, and headed for the Lincoln Center with Sean an RA and some girls. The building the concert was in is big and beautiful! The philharmonic played the Beethoven Piano Concertos but they did not just play the music, they told a story with it, particularly the conductor Alan Gilbert, who was eccentric with every movement of the pieces. It was absolutely amazing and no amount of words I say can come close to the feeling the music gave me. I felt lucky just being in that room, especially since the man sitting next to me was very kind. He and I had a conversation before the show began and I was surprised because he opened up very easily to me. We talked about the ILC program and he told me about his days in college- he went to Brown! I told him about Columbia and UPenn (my dream school) and he told me about college life and his friends and family members who have gone to Yale, Columbia, and Dartmouth. We were definitely best friends by the end of the concert. He lives in the area by Columbia so maybe I'll bump into him someday which would be nice since he was kind and had a lot of insight on college, especially the Ivies, from the perspective of an older person.
Avery Fisher Hall

After the incredible, probably life-changing concert, the group exited the Lincoln Center to be surprised by a free outdoor concert! There was a huge stage and dance-floor right there in Lincoln Center that we had not noticed earlier. The music was great (in a different way from the philharmonic) and the girls and I joined a conga line! It was the epitome of a fun and somewhat spontaneous night in the city. It was perfect to end the night and now all I have to do is finish some reading for class. The New York life is treating me right with oven-like subways, long days, crowded streets and everything else that goes along with living in the Big Apple.

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  1. This must have been incredible! I know you and Michelle play in the Pinole band, and for the two of you to be able to hear one of the world's most famous orchestras playing Beethoven is out of this world! So happy for the two of you!