Friday, June 20, 2014

A Day at the University of Pennsylvania

Benjamin Franklin's pride and joy was UPenn, the first university founded in the country. UPenn is in a beautiful city with a gorgeous surrounding area and cute shops, boutiques, and restaurants in what's known as University City. When we arrived on campus, I couldn't help but notice how striking the ornate the buildings are. We walked into a crowded underground room filled with other prospective students and were lead to a large theatre with large pipe organs adorning the walls. I was in awe of all the students and families I saw in the grand room.

The information session was led by an alumna. She stated off with a general history of the university but what I really appreciated was the amount of detail she went into when describing the different undergraduate schools. The school that I'm most interested in is The College of Arts and Sciences because it offers a wide variety of courses in the different majors that I'm considering. Our presenter ran a bit over her time limit and had to cut the information session short, but we still had a tour to go to and we were able to receive the information they she missed.

We were led by Jordan,  an architecture major who was involved in a lot of extracurricular activities at UPenn including a fraternity. He showed us around the campus and answered a lot of questions that I had. One thing that he was surprised about was the amount of diversity on campus; 48% of freshman enrolled in fall 2013 identified as a minority group.

After our tour ended, we went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner at Bistro Romano. I was surprised to see Jordan, our tour guide there. Landon, an admissions officer, Josh, a rising senior studying the history of economics, and Alex, the admissions officer fro UPenn's bay area applicants were also in attendance. I sat beside Landon and Mrs. Thrift, but I don't feel as if I got to get to know Landon as much as I'd like to because Mrs. Thrift seemed to dominate the conversation. I ordered the tortellini and a tiramisu desert.

When we went back to the hotel, I was extremely tired. I feel like I got to learn a lot about UPenn today and I would love to be afforded the opportunity to go to college there. I really feel like they allow students to explore their interests and that's one thing that's really important to me when looking for the right institution for me.

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