Thursday, June 19, 2014

Too much good stuff

Guys I've been lying to you this whole time. I keep telling you all these good things about other colleges but I say them prematurely because all the Ivy league colleges are so good so please don't take what I say as bias, but take it as my experience and view on the college. I've also been confused on what my top colleges on, but I'm making the mistake of trying to put them in order of rank but in all honesty, after seeing many colleges, all of the Ivy League colleges are all very good and if you get into any of them it means you were the type of person they wanted. What I mean by this is that they they're not going to simply just take theater students or footfall players, they're going to try to get a mix of these people with different passions. So far I've received the best and most honest answer from the Yale kids.

That brings me to my next topic which you can guess is Yale. My thoughts on Yale are great. Instead of dorms for two people they have suites for six people. They have such amazing architectural buildings and a very wonderful campus. Its probably the most historical and gothic. It honestly looks like the people their live comfortably in their very nice looking castles. So anyways the only reason I know this is because we went to New Haven on the train today. New Haven is cool it looks very urban, it was surrounded by like a small city which seemed a little more then just a town. We did a tour, information session and something else that I thought was really helpful which was a student forum

One of the beautiful libraries that also don't let in u.v. rays
A student forum is a student based discussion with current students at the college who are asked questions by somr prospective students without any other adult in the room. I thought it was really helpful to hear from the students and have it be a private thing that only stayed between the students. After that they give us sort of the same thing in the sense that this school really cares, it has the same amount of resources and help as the other Ivy Leagues, but what really hooked me was the students. I was fortunate enough to have dinner with some of the students currently attending Yale, and even more fortunate that it was an El Cerrito High school alumni.

I sat next to Genevieve during dinner, and I was so lucky to know that I could talk to a fellow student and really honestly know that what she was saying was true. We talked about everything, even gossiped here and there. But what i really think is important, is knowing that these Ivy Leagues don't have a formula and no guarantee someone's going to get in, sometimes it is luck and sometimes you get an admission officer that liked your story. This girl is really amazing because she admittedly told me it was difficult but that being there in college means you made it and that's all that matter you were chosen. No one even cares about SAT scores or GPA they just want to know what your going to do with those opportunities. She also told me from hearing and being at MIT and Harvard for peek into their classes, she hated it. College's pick you and you don't necessarily pick the college you just choose which one you want to be available to. Anthony too was really down to earth, he was straightforward about him getting one of his few B's he's ever gotten in life  and he got those because he chose to sleep more. When you get to college there's just so much to do you have to know what you can do and if it's really worth sacrificing that sleep or homework time.

Genevieve and I

Anthony super cool guy. He wrote about football in his personal statement.
 In the whole mix of things it was great getting their point of views especially because Anthony and Genevieve became good friends, and also that they weren't just saying the good things but also the bad things in all honesty. I think if people like that are at Yale and their opportunity to go abroad for credits or just for fun is still available in the future, this makes the school a strong candidate.


  1. The pleasure was mine - good luck next year and perhaps I'll see you back on campus!