Saturday, June 28, 2014

NYU Breakthrough

Today marked the start of an activity-packed weekend! On the itinerary for today was a tour of NYU, walking around Washington Square Park, going to the 9/11 memorial, getting "real" New York pizza, and strolling the Brooklyn Bridge! 

Unfortunately it was very hot today, so having to do all these activities in the heat was painful! We started out with the tour of NYU. I thought the layout of the school was unique; no other campus we had visited was spread out across the city like NYU was. I actually prefer the traditional setting of most campus's, where there is a fine line between where campus starts and ends. The academics side of the school was very appealing though! Their business school, Stern school of Business, is very highly rated, and the opportunities to study abroad are amazing. They have a campus on six different continents! The thing with NYU compared to the other universities we've visited is that NYU is nearly 5 times the size of those other schools. With such a big school, the attention each student gets has got to be compromised. Going to such a big university might not be for me. 
Strolling the campus of NYU.
Next we headed to the 9/11 memorial museum. It truly was a powerful experience. The most interesting part of the museum was the section that focused on the media of the event. The exhibit had clips of anchors breaking news of the World Trade Center being collided into, videos of the collision, and the recordings of communications between the planes and people stationed on land. There was a part of the exhibit that was a video of recorded voicemails of people who were in the United 93 plane. They were calling their loved ones, telling them how much they loved them and that they weren't sure that they would see their loved one again. That really made me well up; knowing that your life is a ticking time bomb is the hardest thought to conceptualize. I really couldn't imagine what they were going through. 

We finished off the night with some real New York pizza at Lombardi's. Unfortunately, the wait was 20 minutes, and by this time I was starving! It was worth it to try that real pizza though. The biggest difference I noticed was how this pizza was not greasy at all. Back in the Bay Area, practically all pizzas had that unnecessary grease at the top! In addition, everything tasted so fresh. The mozzarella, the sauce, everything truly tasted fresh. I felt very content after two very generous slices! 

We did lots today, but I really had fun! Hopefully I'll have some time this weekend to get homework done too!

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  1. The 9/11 memorial and museum were moving experiences for me as well. I agree that the room you showed us was the most personal, yet, also the most informative. I felt like I couldn't see everything, but the powerful emotions were there no matter where one looked.