Saturday, June 21, 2014

Another Day Another College

Continuing on in my amazing journey of touting colleges, my cohort and I went to visit Princeton. We headed to the train station and lucky for me I saw Batman at my hotel. I was quick enough to get a picture with Batman.

So we started of the day with a very light schedule. The only type of activity affiliated with the school was a student led tour. Princeton had a very beautiful campus and an even better architecture. A lot of the information about the school wasn't given directly to us today because they had no information sessions on Saturday. I disliked that they have a grading system which serves as a cut off for the amount of people who can get A's. Only 35% of the class can get A's which mends that only the top 35% of the class can get am A. I feel that, the grading policy add to the competitive nature of students and sort of discourages people from helping each other. A lot of people want A's but if there's a limited account of A's are given then the student is going to do what's best for his/ try and get that A.

I did like their financial aid packet, some of the statistics from the school were that 75% of students graduate with no debts. What that means to me is that their are a lot of students there that need financial aid and I like that atmosphere, knowing that the people in their are in the similar financial situation as I am. I think its important to be able to relate in some way and I'm glad to be able to share in that. So today was our lucky day too because we were able to ask one of the tour guides to lunch and ask her some personal questions.
Princeton's beautiful.
Her name was Jennifer and I thought she was pretty cool and all you know because she's from California. She was good about answering questions.I just thought she was too smart. As a freshman she only got one B and said that she get a B for sleeping in that class. I got a sort of impression that Princeton is the preppy school that accepts all the people who just do school work. The only community service they offered were  one week trips to underdeveloped countries, at least from the information Jennifer told me. I really can't say too much but I'm going to have to feel like Princeton is a community before I apply there.

We finally got a break from school and went to Independence Hall. It was so wonderful to be surrounded by rich history, and on top of that the tour guide was very informative and had a way of adding excitement to the history she said. I would say that she did better then most my teachers at making history fun to learn. We got to hear the Liberty bell being rung and just when I thought it was over, dinner time came.
Joyce in the purple and the rest of my cohort.

Clock Tower of Independence Hall
Shout out to Mr.Charles Ramsey for recommending this restaurant called "LaCroix" which was in this hotel. It was so delicious and I was able to eat venison(deer) for the first time. The waiter was very nice he came by and gave us hors d'ouevres on the house and explained every single detail about the food that we ordered. Another cool thing was when some of the servers came by and folded the fancy table napkin into a sort of pyramid and another time into a rose. I enjoyed the food and the service was magnificent. I was so unsure about the tip and thanks to my nice cohort, when Joyce asked me how much to tip and I said $15 they all laughed at me. Honestly I never liked spending money, or spending other people's money because I really value money. Before I end I want to thank Joyce Thrift for an amazing and life changing week, I was able to look at all the colleges I wanted and have a little fun at the same time. I'm very grateful for what you do Joyce and I appreciate everything you've done especially for that great schedule. Aside from that a very good day and I can't wait to start my Columbia journey tomorrow.


  1. Thanks so much Justin! I've enjoyed getting to know you this week. I especially admire how dedicated you are to making a difference in this world. I hope you call me the day you find out you're going to UPenn !!

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