Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Road trip to Dartmouth

So today we drove approximately 150 miles to got to Dartmouth in New Hampshire. Now the trip was okay but I stayed awake for no reasons because while on the road all I saw was trees. I mean I only slept for 5 hours and hoping to see something interesting on the road, I sacrificed extra sleep that I could have had. When we got there we came to the info sessions and learned some very interesting things.
So much green!
\The important things about Dartmouth are; access, flexibility, and engagement. Access meant the amount of funds available and what kind of financial aid is offered. So they're financial aid is amazing, if a family makes less then $100,000 a year then the family is expected to pay nothing for their child to get into Dartmouth. Another thing that is really great was the amount of funding that goes into what the students want, for example any student can make any club and get funding for it as long as it has enough people. Flexibility as in they work in a quarter system and are able to take a term off to study abroad. Now that brings me to engagement. They are so active with their students, I would say just as involved as Harvard. The dean is always available and they too have multiple counselors for each year.

If I were to say one thing that makes this college different, would be it's community and care for the undergraduates. Dartmouth supplies all the demands from the undergrads first and then works with the graduates for example some of the undergrads are able to taking graduate level courses. On top of that even the professors are very in tune with their student, they offer a lot of help and are very available for students to come in and ask for any type of help, whether it be research based or school based. The admissions officer himself William Corbett said he when he was at Dartmouth, he was invited on a Sunday night to one of his professors house to do homework that was due the next day.
This is one of 6 libraries.
I met him at a lunch that we later had with some of the alumni and an admission officer of Dartmouth and Dartmouth even threw in the Dean June too. Already I could tell that they care about taking care of the younger students because not one of my dinners that I have attended has brought in the dean of the college. This guy Max even told me that he struggled in high school and wasn't even sure his grades were good enough for Dartmouth.  He too had a similar experience with the professors and told us that one of his professors invited Max to a party knowing that their was school the next day. Max even saw some of his other professors there and started dancing and talking to them about school. It was so interesting knowing that that sort of student-teacher relationship existed.The teacher wanted to be a friend and still pass on the knowledge to Max to be able to succeed which was just incredible. But in any case, the school accepted him because he was a well rounded person, and I now see that the application process is true to its word. I've never heard at any alumni talks about their failures or struggles in high school, but Max was so honest to us and  really  helped me gain a liking for Dartmouth.
Dr.Seuss went here!

Just a very gorgeous campus and so much going on, I encourage you to go find out about them. Again such a great day tomorrow it's getting busier. I can see a difference between the colleges now and I'm really starting to ask better questions for the students instead of just asking what their SAT scores were or what kind of grades they had. I'm glad to be learning and I can't wait for tomorrow.

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