Sunday, June 15, 2014

It's My Turn

Today is the last full day I have with my family and as a teenager I'm supposed to be glad for finally leaving the nest, but I have to admit that my mom and dad are very nice to wake up to everyday. They do so much for me everyday and are very valuable in my life. The fact that I'm not going to see them for twenty-six days is hard to imagine because they do so much for me each and every day. My parents are awesome and I'm going to mis them. My plan now is to show the people I meet and every friend i make what kind of child my parents raised me to be.

I will represent my family and this Ivy League Connection to the best of my abilities and make sure to add good reputation to both my parents and this organization. It's my turn to shine and prove to the world that all that maturing, and all the listening I have experienced has brought me this far and will bring me further. It's my turn to use everything I learned from my parents, teachers, mentors, and everyone who has had a part in my development that their efforts were not wasted. 

I leave tomorrow and I will leave with confidence and purpose. I won't let you down I promise.

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