Monday, June 23, 2014

New Home, New People, New Experience

What a wild day, it was the first day at Columbia! After an early morning of packing and rushing to get on the train, I finally got a moment to sit and contemplate for a while. I realized how much this experience has really meant to me so far. Even though our week of touring colleges was stressful, it was still so informative. Because of our tours, I now know where I want to go to college. I can now make space to apply to schools that I want that are non-Ivy Leagues along with the Ivy Leagues that I want to attend. I want to thank everyone, Don Gosney, Madeleine Kronenberg, and my father, Charles Ramsey, for this wonderful experience. In a school district like ours, it can often be hard to lose sight of what the college experience will be like for students that want to attend schools out of state.
On another note, I arrived at Columbia! There were lots of blue and white balloons everywhere and the campus was so stunning. I found out where I’d be staying and made sure to get to my room as fast as I could. I met a girl who lives in the room adjacent to me, Julia, from Rio. She was very friendly and told me about her life back home. The next person I met was Sabrina, a girl from Princeton, New Jersey. She was so sweet and even though I was napping when she came in, I had an engaging conversation with her. The last person I met was my roommate, Lorena, also from Rio. My first thought was, this girl is glamorous. She has such an enviable wardrobe and makeup collection. :) (I think we’ll get along just fine) In addition to that she was friendly as well. Even though I’m just getting to know my roommates right now, I don’t sense that there will be many tensions between us.
View from my room
Our R.A. took us all to a barbecue and afterwards we all went over the school rules and signed a consent form. Next we went to the summer jams festival and I got to see all the excursions that the R.A.’s were offering us. The summer jams party was little awkward, everyone was just standing around in big groups. So I decided to head back to my room where I fell asleep for the night. I think there will be more exciting days ahead of me.

ALSO I have not been able to upload as many photos to my blog because my phone charger has been malfunctioning. I’m sorry, but at some point I will go back and attempt to re-upload the pictures that I took to my old blogs. So if you met me and you’re reading my blog and you’re like, “Where’s the picture I took with this girl?” Just know it will be coming soon. :)

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  1. This is an amazing program and I'm so happy that you are finding your direction in all of these hectic days. You deserve an outstanding school and I'm confident that you will find one.