Monday, June 16, 2014

One More Day

Me and my parents before departure day
I'm getting ready to go to Boston tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited! I spent my last day at home packing the last few things I'll need for my trip and saying goodbye to my friends and family. I visited my cousins and they all wished me a safe and fun trip to the east coast. One of my best friends, Angelina, sent me a heart-warming goodbye text. I think my mom and grandma will miss me the most and I know by the time I get back and see them again, I'll be hysterical with happiness.

Before we left, Don gave us a bunch of books to read before we get on the plane. I think my favorite book in the selection is "Predictably Irrational" which is a book about how we make irrational decisions in the market and why. One of the books was about the fall of the Lehman Brothers and although it was interesting, I didn't find it as captivating as Dan Ariely's Predictably Irrational.

My luggage is stuffed to the brim with clothes and (a surplus of) shoes. I think I've packed enough to survive for a year so I probably don't have to worry about forgetting anything, but just in case, my mom offered to ship some of my items to my dorm once I get to New York. 

I think I'm most anxious about leaving my family behind, but I feel so close to my cohort that this feeling will diminish in time. Even with the stubble feeling of anxiety, I can't wait to conquer all these new experiences and bring back everything I've learned to California. 

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