Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New People, New Studies, New York

Today I got my Columbia sweatshirt! Since my first day on Sunday, I had eyed a Columbia hoodie that I couldn't wait to have and today Ms. Thrift purchased jackets for the entire cohort through the ILC. Although it was definitely too hot to wear it, I was excited to finally have the jacket anyway. After that we took a picture, and I was off to class. My professor went over last night's reading in class today in the morning and in the afternoon he lectured about the United State's government. A lot of it was new information and I really liked learning about how the Framers carefully wrote the Constitution to last a long time and how the checks and balances of the government work. Even though it was a lot of information and may have seemed boring to some people, I really enjoyed the subject, mainly because I like history and good teachers..

During my lunch break Michelle, Justin, a group of other students, and I went on a community outreach trip across the street to the Broadway Presbyterian Church's soup kitchen. When we got there, we were not too sure what to do, but after everyone had prayed and eaten, we all helped clean up. I was surprised by how politely a majority of the people there treated us. At the same time it was an eye-opener for me since I haven't worked in a soup kitchen before. What was most memorable about the experience was one of the men who struck a conversation with me in Spanish. He was very nice and appreciative which made me feel that I was making a difference. Later in the day when I went on an RA trip to Union Square and Strand Bookstore I also had a conversation with the father of a Columbia alumna. He helped us with subway directions and was genuinely interested in my life at school here for the HSP program. Basically, I felt very popular and social at the end of the day.
Inside of Strand Bookstore
My day was full of adventure and learning new things which are a few things I love. I can tell my class will only get better, even if that means more challenging, and I am developing a strong connection with my roommates. We can literally talk for an hour nonstop; I love them! New York is absolutely amazing because of the people, the culture, and the opportunities around every corner.
My roommates and I can't keep straight faces.
Rose, me, Keira, Kaleigh, and Nina

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  1. Lisa, when you say there was information that you really liked learning about, it makes me want to know what it is! I love to learn things, too!