Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Real MVP

The reason I chose this title was because an MVP(most valuable player) is active and smart leader. Today I was able to show some of those characteristics through the activities that I participated in. I was early enough to go to the soup kitchen today and volunteer to serve food and help clean up, and after that I went to a Steve Nash foundation to watch famous NBA players and MLS players try to play soccer for charity.

Steve Nash

I'm so glad I didn't have a particularly busy day, my schedule was flexible and I was able to get back in time to have more than enough time to relax and do homework. At thw\e soup kitchen, Me and the community outreach program faced a small setback when the manager of the soup kitchen had a miscommunication with the outreach manager, and so the soup kitchen didn't plan on a way to integrate us into the work flow. Since I wasn't just going to standby and do limited or partial work, I went up to the manager and told him in private that I really wanted to help and that he should set me up in some position. So after he listened to me, he set me up as a small chef. I put on the toppings to a salmon sandwich and then passed the dish down to the other people so they could put rice and vegetables. I remember one of the guys saying it was like an assembly line and that Henry Ford would be proud, I laughed and then appreciated that I was able to understand that reference. After I stepped into the flow, the rest of the volunteers came in and found their place in the work flow and things did go by much more efficiently. I was happy that I didn't act shy and that my motivation to actually help, directed me to do something good and serve as an example for others. I was very please at the end of it when the manager, who was always busy, learned my name and wanted to invite me back.
Microsoft gave us matching hats.

As for the rest of my day, I spent my day at Roosevelt Park to see Steve Nash, Dirk Nowitzki, Wildon Chandler, and Mason Plumlee play soccer with some of the MLS players. It was cool seeing them and then realizing that they took time out of their schedule to arrange this event and participate, instead of going to go train or go on vacation. In addition to the players, I met Miya Bernal, this really cute girl from Japan. I was able to invite her to a slice of pizza and use my navigational skills to go to Ray's Pizza, a place recommended by my counselor. It was delicious and I gladly welcomed the taste into my stomach. I wouldn't say I'm done with the New York Pizza because this is just the beginning.

Dirk Nowitizki (he won MVP of the game even though he did nothing)

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  1. Justin, I loved the way you described the work you did in the soup kitchen! It had lots of details and I could visualize you working there. I would also like to know more about the things you are learning in class. What are some of the topics and how does the class react to them?