Saturday, June 21, 2014

Princeton Condition

Today was a little unlike the rest of the days for many reasons. First off, we saw Batman. I'm talking the Bat Mobile and everything! We had seen him around the city but we never were able to catch him! We waited in the parking garage for him and we were able to get pictures of him. Some of us (not me unfortunately) got to even take a selfie with him! 
After that exciting sighting, we headed out to the train station. Today we went to visit Princeton University! Since it was the weekend, they did not have an information session, but only had a campus tour. The campus was absolutely breathtaking; the grass was so lush and green and the buildings were a medieval with a mix of modern. I fell in love with the surrounding town too. The small shops and caf├ęs around gave the place such a cozy, small town feel. 
The bustling train station.

Since we did not have a lunch/dinner planned with Princeton students or alums, we talked one of the tour guides into having lunch with us. We were able to ask questions on a more personal level and converse with her one on one. We ate at a very informal place that was a lot like a Chipotle. It was actually nice to have some familiar food! Which is not to say that I am not enjoying the good food we are eating on this trip. I did not talk to the tour guide very much, but from listening to everyone's questions and her responses, I learned a lot about the school. 

The campus
We took the train back to Philadelphia and headed straight to Independence Hall. There, we visited the room where the constitution was approved. It was so awesome to really be able to see the place where the constitution was ratified; it made history seem more tangible. 

Dinner came up next, where we, thanks to Mr, Ramsey's recommendation, headed to a lovely restaurant called La Croix. The food (and service) was spectacular. I tried new foods out of my comfort zone and learned to enjoy new foods! 
Where the Constitution was ratified.
Today has been a tiring day. I especially want to give a special shout out to Ms. Thrift for creating such a fun filled itinerary! I know things will definitely slow down as I get to campus and go to class, so having these last few days packed with fun was amazing. I am so excited to meet my roommate and everyone I will spending the next few weeks with at Columbia!  

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  1. Thanks Emily! This week has been so much fun and one of the best parts has been getting to know you and the rest of the cohort.