Friday, June 27, 2014

More Time Means More Friends

I woke up to a fire alarm today before my own alarm even went off. I was so mad because it was supposed to be a drill but no one warned us about it. Today was more relaxing after that, I was able to play in a mini soccer tournament representing Mexico. Class was fun, we talked about the freedom of speech and amendment and certain scenarios in which they freedom of speech wasn't protected. A more obvious one would be a person screaming fire in a theater, that speech is not protected because it incites fear into the people and breaches the peace.  

Keep in mind I haven't played soccer since my elementary school day, and on top of that I was so bad they put me at goalie. Turns out I did well, I was ale to adapt and when the game in the end. At first i wasn't sure what I was getting into practically having no experience, but when I got in I just ran a lot. It was fun being able to try something new and then get that positive feeling from your team when you win. It's been a while since I played a team sport because I'm usually overwhelmed with my academics or extracurrriculars.

Then after my 4:00 PM session I went to the senior center in Harlem and was able to see another part of New York, more suburban. I enjoyed being able to look around at a different part of town because it reminded me of my hometown Richmond California. I saw some of the same things in terms of local stores and people within the community. I enjoyed that part of the city because it reminded me where I came from, and that I wasn't the only person with the background of a suburban kid surrounded by the "minorities" It meant a lot to go onto this part of the community and then be able to serve the elderly's need and still be able to feel like I was doing something helpful.

My day came to a end  after I hung out with my friends and met really cool people that they met. I met this Persian guy named Ashton that could also speak Spanish, Fifi this girl from Cuba, and Bria this girl from Connecticut. Meeting more people and then being very educated individuals, talk about the future and what classes we were taking. Great day, great experience, and great networking.

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  1. I'm so happy to hear you made it to Harlem! I know this was on your Top Ten list and I wasn't sure if we would have time for it. I hope you saw some people playing basketball.