Monday, June 2, 2014

Orientation: One Step Closer to Departure Day!

I attended the mandatory orientation tonight for all ILCers and our parents tonight at Pinole Middle School. Down the street from me and my alma mater, I was familiar with the new and renovated campus. At promptly six, all the ILCers were in the multi-purpose room and Don and Ms. Kronenberg spoke to us all about what to expect this summer, past ILC horror stories, do's and don't's, and the true meaning of being an ILC ambassador for the West Contra Costa Unified School District. They reiterated many of the responsibilities all students going away this summer have. This ranges from packing smartly to keeping in mind every kid in the district that has the opportunity to make an impact on Ivy League schools. After their speeches, my mom and I met up with the Columbia cohort as everyone dispersed to their respective groups.

As always when I meet up with the Columbia cohort, I felt comfortable with them. My mom signed a filedtrip form and I think that is when I had the revelation that in TWO WEEKS, I'm headed to the Big Apple. The group talked about the itinerary for the trip we had received as well as all the things we are excited to do. When Ms. Thrift first met the cohort, she asked us to make a top ten list of things to experience during our stay in New York and I've narrowed it down to these:
1)Watch the 4th of July fireworks by the Statue of Liberty
2)View the Manhattan skyline at night from a skyscraper
3)Visit the Escape Room
4)Attend an Open Mic at a coffee shop (and pick up a good bagel and coffee)
5)See a Broadway show
6)Visit the New York Public Library
7)Go running and exploring in Central Park (preferably with Michelle and Emily)
8)Go to Times Square
9)Visit the Cloister Museum and Garden
10)Have a slice of legit New York pizza
Everyone at the table gave off an excited vibe when we spoke about leaving to New York, college tours, dinners, and dorm rooms regardless that it was a Monday evening. Afterward, everyone returned to the multi-purpose room. Don and Ms. Kronenberg shared a few more ILC horror stories and told us about the loaner items available. There were cameras, luggage, fans, desk lamps, security cables, and more. Then, the meeting was over and I said goodbye to some friends and headed home, a bit tired out from the long day, but still happy to be there with such a good group of students and their families.

This was the last time the Columbia cohort and all the ILCers were meeting up before departure day which made the whole event surreal. It's hit me like a ton of bricks that I have two weeks and then I'm on my way! My parents are really excited but are making sure I set up a Skype account as soon as possible to keep in touch with them on the East Coast. I'm excited and now all I need to do is check what will fit in my luggage as well as maintain my emotions this last week of school!


  1. I am so jealous of what you will do in the Big Apple; I wish our cohort will stop by! But I will actually be there later this summer but it won't be the same with my ILC cohort members!

  2. We really do have an outstanding schedule of college tours! Some other groups are only seeing 3 other schools and we are seeing 7!