Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Change of Plans

What I thought would be a boring day actually turned out to be quite exciting! Originally, I had made plans to go to dinner with some of my friends, but our plans changed and I wasn't able to go with them. At first, I was a bit upset because I didn't think I'd be able to do anything since so many people had already left campus and I was the only one of my friends still at the dorm. I felt extremely bored and decided that I needed to do something to entertain myself so I decided to explore the well-hidden top floor of my dorm. The tenth floor of Harley is called the "Sky Lounge". It overlooks the entire main area of campus and is decorated with four bookshelves and multiple couches and armchairs across the room. I started browsing the shelf and came across a historic book--W.E.B. Du Boise' "The Souls of Black Folk". In my African-American history class, I learned a lot about the achievements of the black leaders of the Reconstruction like Du Boise, Booker T. Washington, and Marcus Garvey so I decided that once I get enough time to read the book, I'll indulge myself in the ideas of one of my favorite social leaders. 

My fortunate discovery prompted me to visit our six-story library. I'd been in Butler Library before, but I'd only went into one of the rooms to print my assignments. I started at the highest floor and worked my way down. I walked through the halls and examined the different rooms of study such as Asian studies, morals and ethics, and medieval Europe. I wanted to visit the political study section of the building, but I felt that my presence might distract everyone from their work so I looked at the room through the window, but while I'm at Columbia, I want to actually get closer to the books and maybe even start reading one or two. 

Even after both of my trips, I still felt unsatisfied and I decided to go to the dorm and call it a day. I went to the dorm and to my surprise, Quiana, Lyly and a few other girls from my dorm were there. I asked them if anyone wanted to go tho the gym. One girl, Shayna, accepted my offer and got two people, Austin and Adrian to join us in a game of basketball. When we got to the gym, we started shooting for fun, but it was extremely boring. Soon, we transitioned to a half-court game with the girls and boys on two separate teams. At first, I was nervous that the boys would beat Shayna and I because I'm not that good at shooting a basketball. Shayna, however, is a really good shooter and made all the goals throughout the game. My strong defense also helped us win the game and when we left the basket ball courts our score was 9-7 and the girls team reigned as the victors. Shayna and  I are now the basketball power couple and we'll be playing together a lot more often. Even though my plans were cancelled today, I still had fun and I found out a lot about the campus that I hadn't known before. Tomorrow, my class will be learning more about elasticity (the derivative or slope of supply and/or demand functions and even though it's confusing, I'm truing to understand what effect high elasticity has on a market in general because it's really fascinating. I'll probably meet with my professor tomorrow to discuss my misunderstanding with him personally.

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  1. Shayna is going to help you improve on your game and build your shooting confidence:-) Keep trying...